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Mimos – Das Babykissen Gr. XS = L 0-3 Monate

Maße30 x 23,5 x 4 cm
Füllung3d Gewebe Spacer
Bezugsiehe Herstellerangaben
Pflegehinweisewaschbar bei 60 Grad




Mimos – Das Babykissen Gr. XS = L 0-3 Monate

  • Klinische Prüfungen – resultato im Health Journal veröffentlicht
  • 3d Gewebe Spacer – Luftstrom sicher mit Zertifizierung TUV
  • 400% weniger Druck hilft verteilen Druck auf die Schädel weich des Kindes
  • zertifiziert nach Oekotex 100 der Klasse 1 als sicher für den direkten Kontakt mit der Haut des Kindes
  • pprovato EG als medizinische Geräte von pädiatrischen Klasse 1 – von Ärzten empfohlen und Neurologen

Mimos Pillow is designed to prevent positional Plagiocephaly. While corrective positioning of your baby may work well up the age of 3 months; after this age it can become difficult to alter your baby’s sleeping position. Mimos Pillow eases the pressure on your baby’s head and has been shown to get great results, particularly when introduced before 6 months of age. Clinical trials are underway to categorically establish the success of Mimos Pillow, but the products come highly recommended by doctors and physicians, internationally. Mimos pillow helps to relieve the pressure exerted on your baby’s skull during rest and sleep. Babies habitually have a preferred side which they will sleep on, meaning pressure is usually focused on one side of the head. As a baby gets older it can be increasingly difficult to improve this sleeping position through repositioning and Tummy Time. Repositioning requires unwavering attention, especially during the night, and may upset your baby if they feel uncomfortable being moved out of their chosen favourite position. Mimos Pillow removes the need to worry about constantly repositioning your baby. Simply place your baby so his or her head is located within the pillow’s cavity. This will reduce the pressure by distributing the weight of the head over a much larger area of contact. Mimos Pillow is proud to boast the following accolades: 1) Medical Device Class I 2) Airflow Safety – Anti-suffocation TUV certification. 3) European Safety certification EN71-1 „Safe for children 0-3 years“. 4) Textile safety certification – Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 safe for babies.